The projects we fund are situated throughout Zimbabwe

Tariro UK started in 2009 by funding just the Tariro Youth Project (TYP) house for young people in Harare. It has expanded to fund the Tariro for Young People (TFYP) project in addition.

The TYP house, was, and still is, focused on young people between about 16 and 25. These youngsters help to run the house themselves with support from the local trustees of TYP  including Father Philip Mutasa (an Anglican priest in Harare and the chair of the TYP trustees) and Dr Beata Tumushine (a doctor and the Treasurer of TYP).

The former Bishop of Tonbridge described TYP as “one of the most inspirational communities I have ever encountered.”

The TFYP project cares for young people within their extended families in the rural areas of Zimbabwe including the areas around Chipinge, Penalonga (near Mutare), the Honde Valley (an agricultural project) and Shurugwi. Most are orphans living with very poor relatives. The project gets them back into school, makes sure they have all they need to study, and ensures they are well fed. In appropriate cases the project supports and funds them at boarding school.

Some of the young people in the Tariro UK funded projects have done extremely well academically: three have done medical training, several now have jobs in various kinds of bookkeeping, some are self-employed. With the less academic youngsters, the projects supported by Tariro UK aim to give them skills to survive in the informal economy and in agriculture.