Privacy policy for Tariro UK

Prepared 4 February 2021.
Superseding any previous privacy policies for Tariro UK.

1. Tariro UK is a grant making charity funding projects in Zimbabwe. We are funded by donations.

2. Tariro UK runs a website to publicize its activities and to provide opportunities for donations to be made by individuals visiting the web site including via a computer programme installed on our website.

3. we do not accept anonymous donations apart from donations raised by way of sales of handmade items or general collections by identified third parties. In making a personal named donation the donors therefore provide us with information as to their name, the sum they have donated and the details of any corresponding bank account from which any bank transfer is made direct to our bank account. Donors are also sometimes asked to provide us with address details in order to

(a) enable us to reclaim gift aid on eligible donations and/or

(b) and/or enable us to keep the donor informed about the work of the charity

(c) and/or to enable us to invite the donor to receptions held by the trustees

4. The information provided to us either as a result of donations made to us or following a request made by us is held in secure electronic format by one of the trustee nominated by the other trustees. It is only held for the purpose of complying with regulatory or accounting requirements or for one or more of the purposes set out at paragraph 2 (a) to (c) above. It will not be released to third parties except for the purpose of complying with regulatory or accounting requirements or for one of more of the purposes set out at paragraph 2 (a) to (c) above.

5. Our website and written communications contain electronic contact and postal details which may be used by our donors to

(a) indicate that they do not wish to receive further communications from us

(b) seek confirmation of any information we hold about them

(c) request us to correct or destroy any information we hold about them

6. We will destroy any information we hold about our donors immediately upon receipt of a request to that effect from a donor, subject only to any legal requirements to keep information which has already been used for the purposes of reclaiming gift aid or which we are otherwise required to keep for accounting or other regulatory purposes

7. Our website includes a computer programme provided by and linked to Google LLC (“the Google programme”) .

8. The Google programme has the capacity to collect information in respect of the visits made to our website including

(a) the IP address of the device from which the website was accessed ( the IP address being the numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network using the Internet Protocol for communication)

(b) the approximate geographical location of the device used to make the visit (based on the IP address provided)

(c) the length of time of the visit

(d) the pages of the website visited

(e) the number of pages of the website visited during a session

9. In order to collect the information referred to at paragraph 8 above it is necessary for the Google programme to

(a) transmit electronic information (“cookie”) via our website to the device used to access the website and

(b) store such electronic information on the device used to access the website.

10. The information collected by the Google programme can be accessed by us. We access this information only in order to understand how effective our website is in achieving the aims set out at paragraph 2 above.

11. The placing of cookies for the collection of information using the Google programme will only take place with the express consent of those visiting the website. Such consent will be requested at the beginning of each website session (unless such consent has already been given within the 12 months preceding the website session) and can be declined.

12. We will not seek to identify the names or addresses of individuals from the information provided to Google LLC via the Google programme.

13. We will not transfer any of the information collected through the Google programme to any third parties

14. Our website’s popup cookie notice also uses cookies transmitted to and stored on the device used to access our website. Such cookies are essential to the functioning of the popup cookie notice and to the operation of the preference options set out in the cookie notice. No personal data is collected. These cookies (and therefore any preferences expressed by visitors via the cookie notice) expire after one year.

15. Save as set out above our website does not place cookies on devices used to access the website


4 February 2021