Update for December 2017

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How has the situation in Zimbabwe affected Tariro?

Very little at the moment. The economy is still bad; 96% of the adult population are not in formal employment. As some of our youngsters are getting to the job seeking stage we have to think of creating useful jobs for them, or giving them projects that will earn their keep.

Lovely Talent Simango is finishing her degree this year and we are thinking of taking her on to assist Edwin as his work keeps growing.

At St Francis Shurugwi we have just started a vegetable project for some boys – two of whom want funding for further study; and the other two were doing so badly in school we think it better for them to drop out. I arrived last Wednesday to find them working hard, having planted about 15 beds of vegetables. They were carrying water in buckets. They really have worked well and I am thrilled, so we are investing in some water piping to bring water in so they don’t have to carry it.

Meanwhile a generous grant from the Fellowship of St John has made it possible to start a really high quality pig project in Harare which should employ a couple of our less academic boys and provide an income for the house in Harare.

Then finally there are Liberty Sigauke and Priscilla Makore, who have done so well in the end of Primary school exams that they can go to boarding school. They are thrilled abo


ut this as it is much nicer than staying in crowded homes where they cannot study or play much sport. The only trouble is that we need money for them. Boarding school costs about £500 a term. These are Anglican mission schools and are very good. Would anyone like to help us reward these two youngsters for their hard work? I know them well and they are delightful children.

Thank you for all your support and prayers, and I wish you all a wonderful Christmas.

Nicolas CR

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