This is a house in Harare with 17 young people between 15 and 25 living in it. Some are still in school, some are at university or College. Three of the young people now have good jobs and one has just got married.


The house started in 2009 with Edwin, Byron and a handful of others. From the start the young people have run the house themselves with just a house mother (a tiny nun) to keep them in order.


A group of trustees and a social worker visit regularly to help deal with tensions and problems. A transformation took place when the social worker began to help them look at their pasts, acknowledge the grief they felt over the loss of parents and cry. Tensions dissolved, the children learned to smile and began to believe a future really was possible.


Some have done well academically; others with less academic ability have found fulfilment in other things. Jawett is a superb rugby player and will shortly be going to New Zealand to try and get into professional rugby. Chengetai, having failed every single grade in primary school found happiness in a catering college and now gets jobs as a chef. Eunice is producing beautiful jewellery. Byron, the first to qualify as an accountant, get a job, buy a car and get married still lives there as an older brother, helping the younger children. He shows that it really is possible to break out of the poverty trap, to escape from a traumatic past and have a future.


The Bishop of Tonbridge recently described TYP as “one of the most inspirational communities I have ever encountered.”


Here are some of the young people who live at TYP
Tariro is doing development studies at the women's university in Harare.
Fidelis recently got excellent O Levels and is now in Sixth Form.