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Dear Friends

Have you ever thought of supporting Tariro by leaving a gift in your will? It is easy to do and will help provide support and opportunities for young people in Zimbabwe that they could otherwise only dream of. Covid-19 has reminded us all that we are mortal. We don’t like thinking of death but it helps to think that our death may help others find happiness and joy. It is specially nice when these others are young people starting out from very difficult lives.

Recently Tariro has benefitted from two very generous legacies which have made a big difference to our funds. Small legacies also add up to big amounts. Please give it a thought. You can either ask for a specific amount to be paid to Tariro out of your estate; or you can ask for a percentage of your estate to be made over to Tariro.

If you do not have a will then it would be good to have one drafted by a solicitor. Having a will makes it much, much easier for your relatives or friends to sort out your affairs after your death. If you do have a will it is quite easy to add a legacy for Tariro.

I have asked our lawyers for suggested wording. I don’t want to make this letter too long by adding it in but if you would like to make a legacy I suggest you email me and I will send you their suggestions to make sure your lawyer gets it right.

Just for fun I am attaching a photo of one of our young people, John Maruta, at his wedding last month, under lockdown in Zimbabwe. It shows a happy outcome of the work you help us do. John was one of the first boys we took in 2010 from a children’s home in Harare. He was then 17. He is a very nice young chap and has worked hard at his studies and never given any trouble. He has qualified in accounting and now has a job in the financial sector – which is a miracle in Zimbabwe. We look forward to our next grandchild!

With all good wishes

Nicolas Stebbing CR