In the Eastern Highlands near Mutare is a the Anglican mission of St Augustine’s. Here we began with a different pattern, of young people, mostly orphans, still living with relatives. For five years we have watched primary children grow into secondary children and secondary children leave school to go to University and other kinds of training. It is hard for them living at home, as their relations are poor, food is often inadequate and they find it hard to find time to study as they need to help the family with subsistence farming or other tasks. We support them with food and clothes as well as school fees. Some of the youngsters have turned out to be very bright and we have put them into boarding school to give them the best chance of fulfilling their potential.

We have also started a small agricultural project on the mission to take up those whose academic record is not going to get them anywhere. If we can grow good crops and sell locally we can help them make a small income and teach them better ways of farming than those they learn with their peasant relations. In a small way it helps the country too, as people must learn to farm in a more intelligent and environmentally friendly way.