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Dear Friends

Here is an account of lockdown at St Francis, Shurugwi. Rural lockdown is much more relaxed than urban. It seems the youngsters can walk from their homes and visit the Sisters which is really good as they can get some extra food there and also get on with their studies. So here we have our newest recruit, Munashe, who is 13, though he looks less. Edwin tells me he is growing well with proper feeding and Sr Lucy is giving him homework:


Takudzwa, who is normally at University in Bulawayo studying engineering writes:
“In these days when the coronavirus has affected our education, we wake up in the morning. Before we do anything we pray to our Father in heaven to thank him for giving us a new day. Then we have various duties to do. Some of us go to fetch water, looking for firewood, gardening and some participate in community activities.
On some days we meet at St Francis for our chicken and garden projects.These projects help us to share ideas and methods of farming.
After breakfast a lot of people are free. That’s when we find time to visit each other. During this time people usually play soccer, go fishing etc. In the evening some of us like to read. Usually, everyone closes the day with a prayer.”
In this lineup Takudzwa is in the middle with Gift on his right:

Tinashe Gorereza started with us as I frightened little 9 year old in 2012. Now at 17 he is quite a relaxed and very nice young man. Here he is watering the Tariro garden on the Sisters’ property.


And here are two of our sixth formers at St Francis – Ruvarashe and Rumbidzai. You can see some good maize behind them as the Sisters have a borehole. Most of the surrounding area got no crops this year because there was so little rain.

Finally we see them all working on the Tariro garden project:

Life in the country districts is quite tough but at least they get to eat the food they grow. They enjoy working together like this, and the Sisters are nearby to chat with. It’s better than being in crowded homes, but we’re hoping it won’t be long before they are back in school. Coronavirus or not I think school is a better and safer place for them!
Thank you for your continuing support. We are making plans to find ways to fill the education gaps this lockdown will leave and this will cost money. Do please keep us in your prayers.
Nicolas CR