Money is short in Zimbabwe and both the Tariro Youth Project and Tariro For Young People (Chipinge, Shurugwi and Penhalonga) are funded in their entirety by us. These are the main ways in which the money we send to them is spent:

  • The rent for the house in Harare.
  • Local Zimbabwean firms provide some of the food, but money and food supply are short and what we sent pays for grocery shopping.
  • School fees. This means also buying school uniforms, books, pens, sports clothes, and providing transport to get the young people to school and college.
  • We pay an excellent counsellor to work with the children every week.
  • We pay a small allowance to the Sisters who work with and look after these children.
  • We start projects aimed at teaching the children to become self supporting.

Specific schemes:

  • Chickens. We raise chickens both for eggs and for eating. There is a good market for this in Zimbabwe but the profit margin is small and the the chickens need to be carefully looked after. It supplements the children's diets and gives them a skill they can use later on.
  • Vegetables. Again these improve their diet and and teach a skill everyone needs in Zimbabwe where prices can be high and food is often not available.
  • Floor polish. This is quite simple to make and can be sold at a small profit.
  • Jewellery: Eunice, at the TYP house, makes beaded jewellery to sell at a small profit.