Fundraising ideas for Tariro this Lent

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Lent is a time of the year when Tariro receives a very welcome boost to its finances. But with our present needs it’s not enough. Can you help us increase it?

Even people who don’t go to Church much do something for Lent. Discipline is good for us, cutting down on luxuries, making more sense of our lives. If we can combine that with doing good so much the better. Here are some ideas which have all been tried and tested in parishes around England, and work. Most of them are also fun and help to get people together. And our kids in Zimbabwe benefit.

  • If you cut out alcohol, cakes, or chocolates in Lent you will save quite a bit of money. Can you work out how much that would be and donate it to Tariro?
  • Can you get your friends or family to sponsor you as you do something like: not eat puddings, or meat; or run a mile every day; or go to church once every week? Think of something that really would be good for you and get some people to sponsor you. They will help you keep up to the mark and Tariro will benefit.
  • Make money from recycling. Cut out buying new clothes for Lent and get together with some friends to ‘upcycle’ old clothes. Sell the results, or donate the amount you would normally buy on new clothes.
  • Fast Day lunch. Create a simple soup lunch each week in solidarity with our Tariro kids living in poverty and donate the money you save. Or better, organise such a lunch at your church or workplace and a small team of you could take turns. It’s also good to get people together for a bit of social life.
  • And to start it all off you could have a pancake party at home on Shrove Tuesday (28th February) for your friends and ask them to donate money. Or, why not hold a parish pancake evening meal and ask for donations from your friends of £10 to attend, provide different fillings for savory and sweet pancakes and you could hold a pancake flipping competition.
  • Why not hold a Lent themed Cake Sale near to Mothering Sunday (26th March) – make cakes with all the things people typically give up for lent (chocolate, sweets etc) so people can stock up for the Easter Feast.
  • What about a Lent Tombola? Ask everyone in your congregation to donate something for a Tombola. You could suggest they donate something that represents what they may have given up for Lent eg. wine, chocolate, a book to represent giving up TV etc. Sell raffle tickets to raise funds and hold an event at your church to draw the winners.
  • Spread the word! If you’re excited about the possibilities this Lent, help us get the word out. Download our Poster, speak at your Parish Sunday Service and tell your Parish and community about the work of Tariro and see the difference you can make this Lent.

This year Lent begins on March 1st (Ash Wednesday) and ends on Easter Day, 16th April.

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