August newsletter 2017

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Dear Friends,

My apologies for not writing before. I have not been to Zimbabwe this year so I have no first hand news to give. I shall be going at the beginning of September and after that I should have many stories to tell.

I have just a few things to write about. First of all, thank you very much to all who have supported our finances. We did better financially this year than last which is just as well as our costs keep rising. Brexit, with the drop in value of the pound has been partly to blame for this. Also we have more youngsters in higher education which is marvellous and a real tribute to what Tariro is doing; but it costs. Thank you for so much generosity. Please keep it up, and get other people to help us too.

Secondly, for anyone who is in reach of London we are having a Tariro Reception at St Martin in the Fields on Thursday 12th October at 6.30 p.m. Please come if you can. It is really nice to see you and I shall have just got back from Zimbabwe so I can give you up to date news. We’ll send out a more detailed invitation soon, and you’ll need to RSVP to attend, but please put this in your diaries now. The venue, looking out on Trafalgar Square is worth coming for alone!

One sadness I have just heard about in Zimbabwe is an outbreak of a chicken disease which is killing thousands of chickens, and chicken suppliers

have to kill their infected stocks. Chicken is one of the few meats available in the country and people depend on chicken projects to make a living. We have four such projects in Tariro and I am anxious about their future. When it is clearer what is happening we may need to put out an appeal to replace our chickens. We are hoping also to start producing pigs. This is rather more costly but well worth it if we can make it work and it all helps to produce food for people at a price they can afford.

One nice thing came our way last month. Elizabeth Wilson and I went to the House of Lords to meet the trustees of the Fellowship of St John. They have supported us very generously for the past 3 years and weren’t sure if they could renew our grant. When we told them what we are doing and showed them pictures and biographies of the kids they were delighted – not just with our academic successes but with those whom we are supporting in non-academic training. They renewed our grant. It is wonderful to have the money, but also wonderful to see how impressed people are with what Tariro is doing in Zimbabwe. I look forward to telling our Zimbabwean colleagues how much their work is appreciated by those who know of it.

Have a good summer and please keep telling people about us!

Nicolas Stebbing CR

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