'Tariro - Hope for Youth in Zimbabwe' is a charity based in the United Kingdom.

We raise money to support young people and orphans in Zimbabwe. Money is sent out to the projects we support in Zimbabwe and one of our trustees goes there regularly to see how it is spent.

Tariro began in 2009 when two Zimbabweans; Phillip Mutasa and Nicolas Stebbing, along with an English student, Carl Melville saw the need to help particular kids in Zimbabwe. First we established a house in Harare where several teenagers could live and it became the Tariro Youth Project. Then we encouraged a group at Penhalonga to be organised and watched over by some sisters. Soon after that two small projects began in Chipinge and in Shurugwi, near Gweru. These three groups outside Harare are now overseen by a separate charity in Zimbabwe called the Tariro For Young People (TFYP). The children looked after by TFYP live with relations or go to boarding school but the Sisters and trustees of TFYP make sure they have all they need to go to school.

Over the years we have found it is not enough just to focus on school fees alone. We help in other areas:

  • Some go hungry because there is no food at home - we try to provide them some food at school.
  • Teenagers need clothes to give them self respect and help them fit in with other young people.
  • Girls especially, but boys too, need soap and such things to keep themselves clean.
  • Many need counselling as no one has talked to them about their departed parents, the fact they were abandoned as children, or about the complex life that they will enter into once they leave school.
  • Having someone to show their school report to and connect with their class teacher, gives them a huge boost in morale.

We have found they respond really well to this kind of attention. Their school work improves. They become happy relaxed young people. They begin to hope for a future.

But it all costs money. Please give generously to help us with this important work.